Upgrading to Wind Powered Generators

wind generatorAs a dedicated member of our local Chamber of Commerce, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to make things better for all of us. There are times when I attempt to come up with new areas for us to go to for meetings that will get us out of the office and into the sun. We live in an exciting area and I hate the idea of spending several days of each month confined by walls. Therefore, when a sudden idea hit me recently, I immediately began trying to figure out if it would be possible for it to work out for the days when we are confined to the chamber because of severe weather outdoors. I wanted to know if it was possible for us to consider upgrading to wind powered generators at the Chamber of Commerce.

small wind generatorMy Discovery

I was out on my sailboat, enjoying the sun on Lake Erie when I had a sudden thought. My sailboat is powered by a strong marine battery and a backup wind generator. The thought occurred to me that at the Chamber we do not even have a generator. Since our job is to support our local businesses, what happens if the power goes out or we have to cancel out on a major meeting that should not be postponed because of a power outage? Admittedly, most of our meetings are simply get-togethers to discuss the changes that should be made to help our community, and therefore not all that important, but what if? What if we are in the middle of something very important and a sudden storm hits our area or a tree falls on a power line during a spokesman’s speech? Shouldn’t we have a backup generator? Then I had to wonder what type of generator would be best for us and whether we could use a wind-powered generator like what I have on my boat since we do sometimes get quite a good breeze off the lake.

The Questions I Askedwindmill generator

Before I approached the Chamber about my ideas, I started out with research. I wanted to know if there was something that would work and be quiet enough to not interrupt our meetings. I had no idea when I started my search that it would be possible for me to have a wind-powered generator, but I quickly found out that it is. As I looked further, I discovered many people had left boat wind generator reviews talking about their success when using it off the water. I am not sure that it works completely since there are also batteries to consider and solar panels that may be needed as well. So, I went to the Chamber and told them it could be a possibility, but we needed to decide if it would  be affordable or a lot more hassle than a traditional generator.

Our Solution

Everyone agreed that wind power was a great idea for our Chamber and that it would perhaps set a good example for others to follow. So, as a group, we all got together and discovered the best one for our needs and although it isn’t designed for boats, it definitely seems to be working quite well. We have even managed to convince a few businesses to give solar panels and wind power a chance to cut out on their power bill.


high school Nordonia KnightsThe Nordonia Hills district is located a little south of Cleveland. The school and business district supported by the Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce includes the areas of Northfield Village, Sagamore Hills, Macedonia, and some of Summit County. They support everything from the high school’s football team, the Nordonia Knights to all of the local businesses whether they are big or small. For that reason, the team members in the Chamber of Commerce have expanded from about 50 to nearly 300 on a regular basis who show up for meetings. It is a fact that makes everyone very proud and you are encouraged to discover more about why they have so many members.

How the Chamber of Commerce Began

This areas Chamber of Commerce was established in 1985. It was designed as a way to show support to the local businesses within the area. In turn, this would also begin to make the community a better place to live for all of the families who call it home. It is a theory and a plan that has worked well for everyone involved. It also ensures that you can meet industry professionals and learn what they have tried in their own business to see if it will help you. This makes it great all the way around.

How We Show Our Support

The community itself is a special place and the Chamber of Commerce is happy to be a part of it. The members of it enjoy watching businesses thrive and succeed in every way. They are all business people in their own right. That is why each and every member is so sensitive to the needs of businesses. They offer ways for businesses to cut down on their health insurance, they strive to lower workers’ compensation costs and so much more. They even give companies of all sizes the ability to promote their products and services. It is all done in an effort to build a strong relationship and partnership with the local businesses. They create a synergy that makes it hard for a company to fail. That is one of the main reasons that there are so many different meetings each month and each one is dedicated to helping some other type of business whether it is a community expo or a meeting that is devoted to women in business.

Ways for You to Help Make Businesses BetterNordonia Hills

If you are the owner of a small business in this area, you are invited to become a member and take advantage of the rewards that are available to you. It only costs a small fee and you can make it up in a very short time with all the savings that we provide you with.

In the event that you are not a business owner; you can still take part in the fight to ensure that the community continues to flourish. You can do this by supporting the local businesses. Shop at their stores and use their services or visit them online. There are business directories available to help you discover what is available and where to find it within the area. This enables you to do your part to ensure that the Nordonia Hills area continues to grow.