Company TIP: Do All HVACs Need UV Lights?

Are UV Lights for Air Conditioners Worth It?

The idea behind a UV light in an air conditioning unit is that they will help to control mold growth that may build up inside of it, especially around the coils and insulation. These areas often end up saturated with water and since there is very little airflow inside of them; mold can form and soon it may take over the inside. This can lead to increased allergies, colds, and a variety of other issues. It can make it harder for a person with breathing issues to breathe comfortably. In short, not having a light on your older unit can make life inside of your home very uncomfortable.

How Much Do UV Lights Cost?

You can purchase a UV light kit for between $158 and $500. It depends on what you need. There are two types of lights. One is for coil sterilization and the other is for air sanitation. The coil light is the most common. It is a stick light that will be installed in the return air duct. It will stay on at all times and it is recommended that you change the bulb yearly. The bulb itself will cost around $70. If you want air sterilization, you will install it in the return air duct as well, but it will only be on when the air conditioner is blowing.

Can a Homeowner Install Air Conditioner UV Lights?

Installing a light can be tricky to do if you want to avoid professional installation. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid buying the kits that are readily available and opt for whatever brand your HVAC technician recommends. For example, these are hugely popular in warmer areas like Naples. A popular company installing these is air conditioning naples fl. They know how to install and they can be sure they have the right type of UV light setup for your unit. The main reason this is important is because if you have a light that is not properly installed; you will end up wasting power on a light that isn’t really doing all that it can for your unit.

My Experience

As a business owner, I have a lot of people coming in and out. I didn’t notice something was wrong at first, but it seemed that my employees were getting sick often. They would often talk about how they felt fine outside, but not inside the office. I began trying to figure out what was going on and someone told me to check the HVAC. When my repair man came out to check filters and stuff, he tore apart the duct work and found a lot of mold. He installed the lights and son after; I have happy employees once again.