Shower Installation by Plumbing Contractor

shower headMost people feel that plumbing is easy to tackle. In ways, it is. However, putting pipes together wrong or using the wrong things; can make a massive mess. It can cause leaks, which lead to rotting wood and damaged floors that also have to be replaced. At this point, if it happens in your home, you will wish that you had contacted a plumber instead of striking out on your own. Therefore, in an effort to save you some major issues later on, I hope to tell you the things your plumber would tell you about proper shower installation.


I have been in the business of plumbing for more years than any other plumber in this area and I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard of people having shower mishaps because they tried to fix faucet drips or change out their shower head for one that offers desirable features. Some people, even non-professionals can successfully install a shower head if it is a basic install, but what happens if it isn’t? This is where the problems come most of the time and then by the time they call me; there is already damage to repair. I hate seeing simple installs go wrong. Therefore, I want to talk about frequent issues and how to solve them, so that you can become a successful plumber, if only for a single shower installation.

Frequent Issues

There are three common issues that happen and cause major confusion. They are often no access to the shower pipes, old pipes, and changing out a faucet for an entirely different setup. The first is an issue because, in order to replace the faucets in some showers, you need to have access to the inside of the wall. This also means that you have to create an access area to the wall backing your shower which is difficult for some people. The best thing you can do is remove the tub’s water spout. This will give you a glimpse of what is behind the shower wall so you do not risk damaging pipes with a saw on the back wall.

To solve the other two issues, you will want to take your time. Copper or plastic pipes can be cut. The same is not true for steel pipes. They have threads that you have to work carefully with so that you do not damage them. You have to check carefully to make sure that there are no leaks left behind when you have reattached the pipes. Changing out a two-handled faucet with a one handled one is also tricky. You will have to cut into the tile to create a new handled area. You will have to be prepared to patch up the old holes or there will obviously be water damage within the walls.

The Easy Solution

If you want to make things as easy as possible for yourself, you may choose to keep it basic. Read through the hand held shower head reviews and purchase a shower head that is an add on instead of something that requires you to upgrade your shower. This will eliminate a lot of the headaches that will come from cutting into walls and tiles. For most hand-held shower heads, they are designed to install easily. The same is true for wall mounted shower heads, but you have to make sure your set up matches the installation stuff, for the new shower head.