Shower Installation by Plumbing Contractor

shower headMost people feel that plumbing is easy to tackle. In ways, it is. However, putting pipes together wrong or using the wrong things; can make a massive mess. It can cause leaks, which lead to rotting wood and damaged floors that also have to be replaced. At this point, if it happens in your home, you will wish that you had contacted a plumber instead of striking out on your own. Therefore, in an effort to save you some major issues later on, I hope to tell you the things your plumber would tell you about proper shower installation.


I have been in the business of plumbing for more years than any other plumber in this area and I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard of people having shower mishaps because they tried to fix faucet drips or change out their shower head for one that offers desirable features. Some people, even non-professionals can successfully install a shower head if it is a basic install, but what happens if it isn’t? This is where the problems come most of the time and then by the time they call me; there is already damage to repair. I hate seeing simple installs go wrong. Therefore, I want to talk about frequent issues and how to solve them, so that you can become a successful plumber, if only for a single shower installation.

Frequent Issues

There are three common issues that happen and cause major confusion. They are often no access to the shower pipes, old pipes, and changing out a faucet for an entirely different setup. The first is an issue because, in order to replace the faucets in some showers, you need to have access to the inside of the wall. This also means that you have to create an access area to the wall backing your shower which is difficult for some people. The best thing you can do is remove the tub’s water spout. This will give you a glimpse of what is behind the shower wall so you do not risk damaging pipes with a saw on the back wall.

To solve the other two issues, you will want to take your time. Copper or plastic pipes can be cut. The same is not true for steel pipes. They have threads that you have to work carefully with so that you do not damage them. You have to check carefully to make sure that there are no leaks left behind when you have reattached the pipes. Changing out a two-handled faucet with a one handled one is also tricky. You will have to cut into the tile to create a new handled area. You will have to be prepared to patch up the old holes or there will obviously be water damage within the walls.

The Easy Solution

If you want to make things as easy as possible for yourself, you may choose to keep it basic. Read through the hand held shower head reviews and purchase a shower head that is an add on instead of something that requires you to upgrade your shower. This will eliminate a lot of the headaches that will come from cutting into walls and tiles. For most hand-held shower heads, they are designed to install easily. The same is true for wall mounted shower heads, but you have to make sure your set up matches the installation stuff, for the new shower head.


Company TIP: Do All HVACs Need UV Lights?

Are UV Lights for Air Conditioners Worth It?

The idea behind a UV light in an air conditioning unit is that they will help to control mold growth that may build up inside of it, especially around the coils and insulation. These areas often end up saturated with water and since there is very little airflow inside of them; mold can form and soon it may take over the inside. This can lead to increased allergies, colds, and a variety of other issues. It can make it harder for a person with breathing issues to breathe comfortably. In short, not having a light on your older unit can make life inside of your home very uncomfortable.

How Much Do UV Lights Cost?

You can purchase a UV light kit for between $158 and $500. It depends on what you need. There are two types of lights. One is for coil sterilization and the other is for air sanitation. The coil light is the most common. It is a stick light that will be installed in the return air duct. It will stay on at all times and it is recommended that you change the bulb yearly. The bulb itself will cost around $70. If you want air sterilization, you will install it in the return air duct as well, but it will only be on when the air conditioner is blowing.

Can a Homeowner Install Air Conditioner UV Lights?

Installing a light can be tricky to do if you want to avoid professional installation. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid buying the kits that are readily available and opt for whatever brand your HVAC technician recommends. For example, these are hugely popular in warmer areas like Naples. A popular company installing these is air conditioning naples fl. They know how to install and they can be sure they have the right type of UV light setup for your unit. The main reason this is important is because if you have a light that is not properly installed; you will end up wasting power on a light that isn’t really doing all that it can for your unit.

My Experience

As a business owner, I have a lot of people coming in and out. I didn’t notice something was wrong at first, but it seemed that my employees were getting sick often. They would often talk about how they felt fine outside, but not inside the office. I began trying to figure out what was going on and someone told me to check the HVAC. When my repair man came out to check filters and stuff, he tore apart the duct work and found a lot of mold. He installed the lights and son after; I have happy employees once again.


Kayaking, A Fun Summer Activity

hard shell kayakMost families spend the entire summer trying to figure out what they can do as a family to enjoy their summer vacation time. Some people may spend a small fortune trying to find the one thing that will be enjoyable for everyone within the family. You do not have to find yourself in the same situation this year that you have been in over the last several years. You can discover the hidden secret and learn how to have a great time with your family enjoying nature. The secret is kayaking and it is a fun summer activity that your entire family will not be able to get enough of.

Why Kayaking is Perfect

When you are on a kayak, you can get a view of nature that most people will never see. You will be able to take your camera and you will be able to take photos of animals in their natural habitat. Your family can fish or go down rivers that are too shallow for most boats to venture into. You and your family can find a private spot along a river bank and make it your secret camping spot. The same can be true for lakes and islands or any other place that is only accessible by boat. If you choose to have an inflatable kayak, you will not even have to worry about scrubbing the bottom of your boat when you edge up against the shoreline. As an added bonus, you will also be able to do it with only one kayak, unless you have an extremely large family.

How to Go Kayaking with Your Family

tandem kayakWhen thinking of kayaks, most people think of single man kayaks that are small and hard-shelled. They cannot figure out how to have fun with their family, especially smaller children, without having many kayaks within the family. Other people have seen tandem kayaks which enable two people to ride on the same kayak, but this still does not give them enough room for their partner and their child. If you have a family with three or four people, you may want to consider the 3 person inflatable kayak. Most are big enough to hold two adults and one or two children, depending on how big they are and how much gear you want to carry along with you. You will only need one kayak in this situation; not one for everyone. The only time that you may need to have more than one is if you have a larger family and everyone wants to go out at the same time.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Your Summer?

three person kayakKayaking is something you can do on a single day per week or you can make it a weekend out for your family. You can camp under the stars and paddle your kayak when the sun is bright outside the tent. You can truly get to know your family and spend time together without the distractions of television, computers, and video games. In some cases, you may even get your children to put down their cell phones.


Get Your Coolers Ready For Summer!

For us, summer means being in the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends. It is also an added bonus if you can have good food. For that reason, we are encouraging everyone who is a member to get your coolers ready for summer.

Our Big Summer Plans

grizzly coolers We are already putting our plans into motion for a summer BBQ party and encourage you to invite the people you care about the most to come with you. Our BBQ party will have loads of things for you to do with your family including kid’s games, adult games, and prizes for all who attend. However, if you are able and plan to bring along a big group, we would appreciate that you bring along some extra food and drink to help us out. This is also recommended if you have a picky eater or something specific that you may want to drink. In fact, if you want to help us out; you can bring a cooler that you may not plan to use that day.

Bring What You Can Carry

Coolers have always been popular, but now there are people who see their true value and know that it goes beyond pickup truck beds. Just because you have a family that is large, doesn’t mean that you have to bring along the biggest cooler available. There are coolers available of all shapes and sizes. If you have a large one that you are not planning to use; you can bring it as well and it will be put to use with all the hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, and other stuff that we plan to have. All that we ask is that you put your name in a cooler that you plan to let us use so that we can make sure you get it back at the end of the day.

Which Cooler Will You Bring?

backpack coolerThe variety of coolers that are available is part of the popularity. They are no longer simple Styrofoam coolers or thin, last a day type coolers that barely keep ice for a few hours. Today’s coolers are soft sided, hard sided, and small enough to be worn as a backpack. We encourage you to bring what you can. If you do not have the finances to bring a little for everyone, but you have the best cooler backpack, bring it. You may still be able to load it up on your way back home after the BBQ party is over. If you do not have a cooler already, don’t worry. You can still attend and have a good time with everyone. We do not expect you to purchase a cooler for the BBQ. However, we do think that in the event that you do; you will find a million uses for it in the coming months, which is why we say; “Get your coolers ready for summer fun!”


The Need for a Backup Power Supply


Storms in ClevelandAn unfortunate part of spring is the showers, which often brings with them nasty storms, high winds, thunderstorms, and more. It also brings down limbs, blocked roads, and power outages that drive everyone insane. We are doing what we can to help combat the power outages and the issues that they can. It has us thinking about the need for a backup power supply.

Preparing for Problems

We have a lot of businesses in our area, both big and small. Severe storms can pose a problem for each one. Not only do businesses have to worry because people who may normally want to come in may stay home, but they have to consider a power outage causing issues for the people who do come by. It is something that we think about often since we worry so much about helping our community flourish. Big businesses may be able to handle a day of no income because it can be made up in other ways. This is not always true for small businesses. A day off because of a power outage could mess up their entire month’s budget. What happens if the power goes out for multiple days? Now is the time to prepare. We know it. We know that waiting until the storm hits is a bad idea. We hope that the businesses in this area realize it as well and start making plans for “April Showers” now. It is the only way to ensure that you truly enjoy the “May Flowers” when it arrives.

Our Solution to Spring Storms

Honda GeneratorIn all of our experience and research, we have discovered that the best way to stay ahead of storms is to prepare by purchasing generators. Many of them are affordably priced and portable so that you could possibly use it at work during the day and at your home in the evening. We already have one of these powerhouses, but we have been talking about getting another one as an extra power supply if things really get bad during a summer storm. Many of us have already purchased smaller ones for our homes to ensure that when the area goes dark, our families are not. Most of us have had reason to use it; if not because of severe weather then because we went out camping and needed a portable power supply or numerous other reasons.

Are You Prepared?

generator powerWhen you have a generator for your business, you do not have to spend a small fortune. Simply think about the areas that you need to stay active, even if the lights are out. If you have cash registers or cook stoves and freezers, you will want enough power to keep those areas functioning. You do not have to pay for power that you do not need. Just take a little time to check and see how much power each thing needs and there is going to be a solution available to you. In order to ensure that our community continues to flourish, we hope that everyone is prepared.