For us, summer means being in the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends. It is also an added bonus if you can have good food. For that reason, we are encouraging everyone who is a member to get your coolers ready for summer.

Our Big Summer Plans

grizzly coolers We are already putting our plans into motion for a summer BBQ party and encourage you to invite the people you care about the most to come with you. Our BBQ party will have loads of things for you to do with your family including kid’s games, adult games, and prizes for all who attend. However, if you are able and plan to bring along a big group, we would appreciate that you bring along some extra food and drink to help us out. This is also recommended if you have a picky eater or something specific that you may want to drink. In fact, if you want to help us out; you can bring a cooler that you may not plan to use that day.

Bring What You Can Carry

Coolers have always been popular, but now there are people who see their true value and know that it goes beyond pickup truck beds. Just because you have a family that is large, doesn’t mean that you have to bring along the biggest cooler available. There are coolers available of all shapes and sizes. If you have a large one that you are not planning to use; you can bring it as well and it will be put to use with all the hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, and other stuff that we plan to have. All that we ask is that you put your name in a cooler that you plan to let us use so that we can make sure you get it back at the end of the day.

Which Cooler Will You Bring?

backpack coolerThe variety of coolers that are available is part of the popularity. They are no longer simple Styrofoam coolers or thin, last a day type coolers that barely keep ice for a few hours. Today’s coolers are soft sided, hard sided, and small enough to be worn as a backpack. We encourage you to bring what you can. If you do not have the finances to bring a little for everyone, but you have the best cooler backpack, bring it. You may still be able to load it up on your way back home after the BBQ party is over. If you do not have a cooler already, don’t worry. You can still attend and have a good time with everyone. We do not expect you to purchase a cooler for the BBQ. However, we do think that in the event that you do; you will find a million uses for it in the coming months, which is why we say; “Get your coolers ready for summer fun!”