When you are a part of the NHCOC, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other business owners throughout the year. Not just the events that are hosted by the Chamber office. Many are off the property where you can be free to have a good time while you learn valuable information. These off-site meetings are perhaps one of the most enjoyable things you can do for your business. To learn more, you can read about the events below.

business lunchLunch and Learn

Throughout the year, there will be a chance to meet with fellow businessmen and women for lunch at the Golden Corral. These meetings are fun, informative, and very satisfying for most people who decide to attend them.

If you cannot do lunch, there are other meetings throughout the year that combine business and pleasure through food. These meetings are a little more formal, but they are still enjoyable in their own right.

Women in Business

This meeting is for the women of our community who have worked to build a business against a variety of odds. They have overcome and succeeded, but have chosen to never stop learning what more they can do to ensure that their business continues to grow.

You can also attend the Young Professional group if you are just now starting out in the business world. It is a great chance to see what others are doing to get ahead and discover secrets that you may not have considered yet.

Golf Outingsbusiness golf

If you love golf, you will enjoy these golf outings at Fox Den. They are designed to be more fun than business related. They are simply a day out where like-minded individuals can get together for a round of golf and good times.

As far as special events, there are also holiday parties around major holidays during the year. You can take part in these festivities if you want to, but some people do ask that you leave the business at the door when you attend the purely fun events.