Joining the Chamber can do great things for your business. However, many people wonder why they should join in since it is not something that comes free. We say that if you want to meet new contacts and form relationships that will be very important to the sustainability of your business; you will give it a try. Even if you are unable to attend group meetings, you will still gain from becoming a member by taking advantage of the programs and other benefits.

Business ActivitiesHow Much Does It Cost?

There is a small fee associated with becoming a member of the Chamber. The fact that it is such as small fee allows you to potentially become a member of more than one Chamber, especially for those areas businesses that are located outside of the Nordonia Hills area. The fee is based on the size of your business. All of the membership dues correlate with how many employees work for your company. If you have part-time employees, two will equal one amount. Full-time employees are a set fee for each one. These fees are not tax deductible, but you will gain in other ways that will benefit you more.

Where to Apply?

You can apply for a membership by downloading an application or requesting one. From there, you can pay your dues every 12 months using the online payment area. The first year you are a member, you will have to pay the full year in advance. After that, you will receive discounts and the ability to pay multiple years at one time. Your new card will arrive soon after to show that you are a member and gaining rewards from it.

In the event that you forget to renew your membership and it lapses by 90 days, you will have to reapply and rejoin the Chamber. This will cause you some trouble, but it is nothing that will have a major impact on your business or your standing within the Chamber.

Contact the Chamber of Commercecontact and join NHCOC

If you are interested in joining, buy you want more information, you can contact the Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce or stop by and visit during one of the many meetings that happen each year. You can ask all the questions you want and update your online directory listing at any time. There will be someone there who is happy to help you get a firmer grip on your business’s success.