Storms in ClevelandAn unfortunate part of spring is the showers, which often brings with them nasty storms, high winds, thunderstorms, and more. It also brings down limbs, blocked roads, and power outages that drive everyone insane. We are doing what we can to help combat the power outages and the issues that they can. It has us thinking about the need for a backup power supply.

Preparing for Problems

We have a lot of businesses in our area, both big and small. Severe storms can pose a problem for each one. Not only do businesses have to worry because people who may normally want to come in may stay home, but they have to consider a power outage causing issues for the people who do come by. It is something that we think about often since we worry so much about helping our community flourish. Big businesses may be able to handle a day of no income because it can be made up in other ways. This is not always true for small businesses. A day off because of a power outage could mess up their entire month’s budget. What happens if the power goes out for multiple days? Now is the time to prepare. We know it. We know that waiting until the storm hits is a bad idea. We hope that the businesses in this area realize it as well and start making plans for “April Showers” now. It is the only way to ensure that you truly enjoy the “May Flowers” when it arrives.

Our Solution to Spring Storms

Honda GeneratorIn all of our experience and research, we have discovered that the best way to stay ahead of storms is to prepare by purchasing generators. Many of them are affordably priced and portable so that you could possibly use it at work during the day and at your home in the evening. We already have one of these powerhouses, but we have been talking about getting another one as an extra power supply if things really get bad during a summer storm. Many of us have already purchased smaller ones for our homes to ensure that when the area goes dark, our families are not. Most of us have had reason to use it; if not because of severe weather then because we went out camping and needed a portable power supply or numerous other reasons.

Are You Prepared?

generator powerWhen you have a generator for your business, you do not have to spend a small fortune. Simply think about the areas that you need to stay active, even if the lights are out. If you have cash registers or cook stoves and freezers, you will want enough power to keep those areas functioning. You do not have to pay for power that you do not need. Just take a little time to check and see how much power each thing needs and there is going to be a solution available to you. In order to ensure that our community continues to flourish, we hope that everyone is prepared.